The primary mission of MCARES is to provide dedicated volunteer federally licensed amateur radio operators to governmental, non-governmental and community agencies during times of emergencies and disasters thereby increasing safety for and expediting the recovery process of the affected agencies and communities.

This is accomplished in part through the training of ARES volunteers in communications procedures, national operational structures as required by FEMA (NIMS, ICS, etc.) and the development of the technical skills necessary to complete their communications missions under a variety of situations including possibly adverse communications conditions.

In the course of fulfilling their missions the volunteer personnel of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) provide their services and personal equipment to the community at no cost to the community; the service is neither taxpayer supported nor is compensation normally allowed.

Although Montgomery County ARES conducts several social events each year our primary goal is to be deployment ready when a disaster occurs. If you are searching for an amateur radio club and have little or no interest in fulfilling our mission we can certainly help you locate a social ham radio club. In order to meet our mission goals we have adopted a training program that prepares our members for the inevitable. We meet the communication demands of other volunteer agencies when the normal modes of communications are not available due to the disaster. Several of these agencies require advanced training and background checks. As an ARES volunteer you are expected to rise to the challenge of the training program, educate yourself, and equip yourself with the necessary tools to provide assistance to those in need. Montgomery County ARES will aid you along the way and guide you to excel in the emeregency communications field.

Montgomery County ARES activities include simulated activation nets weekly, monthly meetings, semi-annual or quarterly drills, and numerous public service events. We also have the occasional social event. Although you are not required to attend each and every activity we encourage you to actively participate in a majority as these events will give you practical experience in meeting your training goals.

If you are willing to make this committment and offer your time, talents, and experience, and want to join with Montgomery County Amateur Radio Emergency Service to meet the need of our community we welcome you as a member. By clicking on the link below you indicate that you agree with the following:

Above all, that you are willing to join us to serve our community as an emergency communicator for Montgomery County Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

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The Amateur Radio Emergency Service is part of the American Radio Relay League, the national association of radio amateurs which is signatory to a Statement of Affiliation with The Federal Emergency Management Agency.
As repeatedly demonstrated in disaster after disaster, when all other communications systems fail, Amateur Radio and ARES comes through!
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